Thursday, June 27, 2013

365/2013 - Day 178

I wanted to work on something big

First -- LOOK -- one of the smoke bushes that Andi put in for me a couple of years ago is actually smoking!!!  First time!

So I wanted to work on an in-progress project that is of a larger scale.  I will get back to the Tookies tomorrow and Saturday while I am at the Northville Art House...but today I wanted to work bigger.

I selected the repurposed canvas that has the horse-guy on it.  And that new young-panda-ish-sort-of-guy in the background.  My problem is that I can see a guy fully developed when I look at the collage but I don't know how to get him from my head to the canvas.  Yeah, I want to leave him/them pretty much up to the viewer to see in their own way, but I need to get at least the main idea down.

So I took a deep breath and darkened in the new guy.   I know it isn't much...but it is a big step for me.  I worked on him more and gave his outfit more shape...and he also has a leg with a shoe now. 

But the more I looked at the canvas the more the horse-guy was really beginning to creep me out.  I think it was just too much of a difference between the sweetness of the little guy and the uncertain what the horse-guy guy was about-ness.  So I decided that the main problem with the horse-guy collage was the horse-guy.  He's gotta go.  I did it with the llama/giraffe-girl before (and the little guy emerged in that area) so maybe I can cover up the horse-guy with various papers and new guys will come to the surface.  

I took the collage out to the dining room table so I could see with the better lighting and spread out a bit.  I told myself I was going to limit this to the torn up papers bag -- no new ripping of big sheets for this tonight!

ready to start -- limiting myself to the "torn up papers bag"
I want to try to save that kind of fox-with-extremely-long-features-guy behind the horse-guy's ear
I am also being very careful not to cover up the new shoe
not too bad -- this is the first layer (and I managed to avoid covering up the fox and the shoe!)
a second layer over the more colorful areas and the areas that I can really see
I was trying not to use any polka dots this time but I had to -- they were there -- plus they may turn into something later -- I tried to just hold a piece of torn paper above the wet canvas and let go of it so it could drift down onto the surface
ooh -- some of the other papers with inclusions fell into/onto the polka dots and I really like it where they overlap and blend -- this is the "done with this for tonight"/very wet stage -- still laying flat on the table
upright photo of the very wet collage -- I wonder how it will look when it dries

For me, this is the nerve wracking part of re-doing a collage -- but it is also kind of exciting.  The collage will look quite different when all of that matte medium and those layers of paper dry.

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