Wednesday, June 26, 2013

365/2013 - Day 177

more base layers on the mannequin torso

I got a lot farther tonight on covering the mannequin torso with the base layer(s) of plaster cloth than I imagined I would.  I decided to try to use the long, wide sections as they accordion-fold out of the box rather than cut the plaster cloth into my usual triangles.  I was hoping I could use hot water and soak the strips pretty well and just lay them on and smooth them with as little movement of the cloth underneath them as possible.  For the most part it went pretty well.  I needed the triangles around the breast forms to fill in the curves more easily.  And I used a couple of large triangles on the shoulder area.  

The fabric on the mannequin was tighter to the form in places and slippier in others.  This made me find a new smoothing method which turned out to be more like laying on bandages and letting them sit for a second or two and then re-wetting my gloved hand and applying a little bit of pressure and making a gliding motion -- rather than the back and forth or circular motions I normally use.  After the initial strip was in place and secured to the mannequin's fabric I could go back to my normal smoothing it was a combination of both.

I think because I was using hotter water than I usually do -- and because I was using the larger pieces -- the work went more quickly.  The plaster cloth was creamier than I usually work with it.  I have used it with water this hot in the past -- but only with larger surfaces like tonight...but with small triangle pieces.  I like how the plaster cloth process is adaptable for different projects.

Anyway -- here are the photos from tonight.  I was only going to work with one tub of water until it cooled off, but because things were going smoothly and fairly quickly I wanted to keep going.  LOL -- as I was taking the water out to dump it outside I knock the rabbitish guy over (I set him on the floor near my chair) and he hit the wood floor with a very loud THUD but I couldn't stop to check him at that moment.  When I came back in and set the fresh water down I stood him up and looked him over.  He looks harm done at all.

I would sort of like to go another round with the plaster cloth tonight but I am going to listen to my body and not push it.  Without getting too whiney or knees, legs, ankles, and feet are in really bad shape today (and yesterday)...I think the horrible humidity and thick air has a lot to do with it.  So it is back to my chair and the routine for the rest of the night.  

look at the difference between the front and the back of the mannequin -- this is where the fabric was looser (front) and tighter (back) to the form

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