Friday, June 7, 2013

365/2013 - Day 158


That's all I can say.  Wow.  West of Center is just fantastic.  I couldn't get very good many people/crowd photos because the lights were focused on the art -- as they should be.  I need to go back tomorrow and take pictures of the show itself -- it was so crowded and packed in tight.  Juror Matt Eaton was just wonderful, his talk was so down to earth and heartfelt.  And producer/curator Joanne Bandoni pulled off another flawless exhibition!

I was down at the other end of the room when Joanne Bandoni started her thank yous and introductions -- sorry for the zoomy/out of focus photo
Juror Matt Eaton delivering his talk
me, Quillz, and Matt Eaton
Matt with Juana's "Spirit of Bad Dolls" -- one of three recipients of special merit awards
now a few crowd shots...Carla and WanChuan
Punk and Andi
Joanne and her friend whose name I can't recall right now
Joan and Andy
Juana, Doug, Lina and Ken were arriving as we were leaving -- Juana had no idea she was going to be getting an award
What a wonderful (but very packed) show -- I saw other friends but didn't get photos.  I will go back tomorrow and shoot some of the artwork.  My head was just swimming from all of the people and good feelings and sounds and Matt Eaton's talk.

I started out my day by working on Tookies...I concentrated on the horns/ears of several of the new finger puppets.  I think I am getting a rhythm now...that is a good feeling.


Suzanne144 said...

You look awesome! Did Quillz win an award? I could not make First Friday as I had a hockey game. I hope to see the exhibit soon.

Took said...

Nope...but Juana got one! And so did Joan and WanChuan.

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