Friday, June 28, 2013

365/2013 - Day 179

gallery sitting day one

This is the weekend of Arts & Acts in Northville!  There is so much to do at the festival -- fine art, live music, children's activities, theater, poetry & short stories event, film festival, beer tent, food, and...and... 

A Summer Carnival is going on at Northville Downs at the same time as Arts and Acts.

It is also the final weekend to view the 2013 West of Center All-Media Contemporary Art Exhibit at the Northville Art House.  As an Art House volunteer (and Exhibit Committee member) I signed up to take a couple of shifts at the festival and I chose to do the gallery sitting on Friday and Saturday. 

I brought my sewing case with me and worked on Tookies finger puppets.  I had the privilege of talking with some folks who came to see the show.  One group was a couple of adults and two kids.  They were all very into the artwork but the kids really enjoyed looking at my Tookies.  And the littlest girl stayed in front of my table watching me...I mean right at the table.  I ended up offering the two kids a finger puppet each -- they seemed to really enjoy them.

This is my view of the gallery from my spot in the far corner...working on Tookies.
I completed the ears/horns on 5 camouflage print finger puppets -- and these are the 2 completed colorful Tookies I have left (of the 4 I had ready).

But I saved the best part for last...

Today I met the new manager of the Art House Store.  Her name is Patti Witte (pronounced "witty") and she is just great!  I was semi-concerned about who could fill Carla's shoes...Carla is such a major part of the Northville Art House and the Art House Store.  Patti is totally different from Carla -- and no one can replace Carla -- but I think Patti is the perfect choice to take on this multi-tasking/combination jobs position.

Introducing our new Art House Store Manager -- Patti Witte!

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