Friday, January 20, 2012

2012/365 - Day 19 -- part two

what else am I doing today???

In preparation for the dreaded painting of the cat-creature's eyes, I have been struggling to take some wide-eyed close up photos of the eyes of two of my cats. Ha...yeah, right.

Twink looks a bit odd in these three photos because he is in the guest bathroom sink and I had to turn the camera upside down and distract him so that he would open his eyes all the way and not grab at the camera.

Never get a black cat...they show all the dust...LOL

Pookie...geez. As soon as I would get ready to snap a picture, she'd blink or turn her head enough to make a blurry photo.

She was looking straight at me with very wide eyes most of the time...except when the camera was shooting.

That's kind of okay, though...because I mostly wanted Pookie's "make up"...the colors around her eyes.

Pookie toys with me

and her nose

Deep breath...let it out...

1 comment:

Woodie said...

my cats never sit still to be photographed. :-) It's hard to get good shots of them. good luck painting eyes, i know you can do it. your creatures are looking cool!

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