Friday, January 27, 2012

2012/365 - Day 27 part two

filling more day time

I don't know why I have such trouble making a, fox, wolf...doesn't matter.

Here is this guy from the "save it for later" shelf. I have always thought of him as a wolf or fox.

His face has always been a bit creepy to me -- like it is falling in on itself -- so I wanted to try and fill it in a little.

But see...still looks like a fox to me...maybe a young cartoon fox...but a fox.

Now he looks older again...but still a fox or maybe a wolf.

No...a fox.

YIKES -- until I got done with the plaster cloth! He is turning into some reeeeeeally disturbing (to me) cat human hybrid thing.

This one is freaking me out just a tad. I hope it doesn't stay like this.

And here is how the first guy from earlier today turned out with his first layer of "just putting all the pieces together" plaster cloth.

I like him so far.

(Eeeeeeeee -- look at that new cat/human guy looking at him!)

I like the way this guy stands up...nice and solid.

1 comment:

Pacific College Mom said...

The freaky head could be more fox like if you built up the nose some more, especially on the upper jawline. Make the nose pointier too, and it would start looking a lot more like a fox. Maybe that would help make him less freaky for you!
Good luck.

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