Friday, December 30, 2011

365 Day 364

trying to make plaster cloth eyes

I am not sure how well this will turn out, but I am going to give it a shot. I might be able to change it if I need to...pull this construction off totally if I can't work with it. We'll see.

I started out with aluminum foil over felt balls.

Then I put the paper rags over that and taped them.

I did a couple of layers of plaster cloth on them and put them up to the cat-creature's face but they were way too round...they bulged over its cheeks. I had to cut them in half.

Back at the plaster cloth area. I removed the felt balls and just had the aluminum foil and the sill-damp plaster cloth left.

I put on two layers of plaster cloth triangles that were larger than the eye and smoothed them out.

How the underside looked...I was going to leave myself some flat plaster cloth edges to make it easier to put the eyes on the face.


But darn it...they were still too round when I put them up to the face. I had to cut them down with scissors.

Then I really needed to get working quickly before they hardened too much.

Attaching the first eyeball to the face...stopping long enough to take a photo for myself. I smoothed out the edges after I put the camera down.

And I placed the other eye in position and attached it.

Not too bad.

They are both pretty even and smooth and the lid-ish parts are decent.

BUT, right now the cat-creature is looking a bit
Gollum-y to me. I think I can fix it somewhat -- maybe not. I also think I should still be able to peel the eyes off if I decide I can't stand how they look.

I have some pre-painted taxidermy eyes I can use if I am not happy with the final look of these. I kind of want these to work out but I also want to really like the cat-creature's face and at this very moment I am kinda creeped out by it...this is the most "sculpting" I have attempted so far and I am still feeling my way with it.

LOL -- I can hear Gollum squealing.


Fibra Artysta said...

Oh I totally disagree - not creepy at all! I really love how the plaster eyes look. I like the taxidermy eyes too but I think these look really wonderful.

Took said...

Thanks, Lynn -- I am pleased with the plaster cloth eyes overall, but maybe the face still needs tweaking.

Pacific College Mom said...

I like the eyes too, I think they turned out just fine! Once you paint them, and make them look like real eyes, you will like them more. Perhaps you could make a nose pad that was slightly more prominent to go with the prominent eyes, to balance things out? Just an idea!
It will tell you what is right.

Took said...

Check part two of Day 364...I've been doing some plaster surgery.

The plaster cloth eyes can stay.

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