Tuesday, December 13, 2011

365 Day 347 (updated with photos/no captions)

a GOOD exhausted and achy

I canNOT believe I made this guy.

This is the blog post for today but I am really exhausted and my arms, wrists and hands are not feeling great so I will add more photos (I took about a billion) and fill in the process tomorrow.

Man, I LOVE this guy!

This is truly a collaboration with the Universe because something else is working through my hands.

UPDATE: These are the photos that needed to be added to this post. I am only throwing the photos on because I can't remember exactly what was going on at the time and why I took the photos I took. It looks like I ran out of plaster cloth at one point and opened a new box and cut more triangles...other than that, it is just pictures without captions. I wish I had done this update sooner!


miss_peggy_artist said...

love the hands up - could be "surprise !" "BOO!" "C'mere give me a big hug !" so many things - great job

Took said...

Thanks, Peggy!

I feel the same way every time I look at him (and I look at him a lot). He looks so happy.

There is also a minor theme emerging with these plaster cloth guys...their titles are influenced by songs.

This one's title will be "Hands Up" -- title inspired by Rory Gallagher.

Luckii Arts said...

he looks awesome! i love all the computer doodles you did trying to figure out what to do! hehehe made me giggle!
i wanted to drop u a note- my tree blocks were accepted by AIC...so i am starting my first edition! sooo excited! :O) i found them through your blog- so i must say thank you so much! :) feel better!

Took said...

Casey -- I can't wait to stock your tree blocks in my machine(s) -- congratulations on having your prototype approved! Keep me posted when you send the series in and I will place an order.

Thanks for your continued interest in my projects.

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