Saturday, December 10, 2011

365 Day 344

working on a couple of plaster cloth snakes

I spent about an hour and fifteen minutes tonight re-shaping the Studio Snake's nose and face and layering the long-bodied snake's head.

Here they are in their "before" state(s).

I liked the Studio Snake but the more I looked at the flat part of his nose, the more it bothered me.

I needed to make it rounder...or try to.

I went with my preferred method -- aluminum foil and masking tape.

Adding on another piece of foil.

And one more.

Then the foil was completely taped. I realized I needed to keep the upper and lower parts separated or I would totally lose the laid-on mouth.

I had to tape the other snake to the table and prop that tray behind him to keep him mostly stable and upright.

Ready to start!

This is the second (larger) eye. These photos are so I can remember how I did this.

There were a lot of dips I needed to fill in and I thought I'd try to just bunch up the plaster cloth and fill in with it...then cover over it with triangles and smooth them out.

It worked pretty well on the other eye so I wanted to document/photograph it on this eye.

Bunching up the very wet plaster cloth triangle and smashing it into the low areas.

The smoothed out triangles.

(This is an odd angle or mistaken camera setting...the nose wasn't flat and tilted in like that.)


Now the long-bodied snake.

Taped to the table...I am also showing myself how his face looked.

This was just a matter of placing and smoothing the plaster cloth re-shaping.

All done (for tonight)!

Ha -- one last look at the Studio Snake's rounded nose!

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