Saturday, December 17, 2011

365 Day 351

working on the goat-creature's base

I don't know yet what he will turn into for sure, but I really needed to work on his base tonight.

I started out wrestling with the chicken wire and cutting it with the goat-creature down on the floor. But it got to the point where I couldn't work on it upside down from my chair.

I put the goat-creature up on the big work table in my studio (hit the light fixture lightly with his horns) and started to affix the chicken wire to the tomato cage with the thin wire that came with the chicken wire to keep it from unrolling. (as if that would be a have to work to get it unrolled)

I used the thin wire to "sew" the chicken wire to the tomato cage.

I got about half-way around the base and up two legs when it just became too much to try and work in the plaster cloth'ing area. There is stuff there that needs to be on the table and it was easier to just give the goat-creature a separate table.

It actually is a mate of the big table.

There -- that is more manageable -- and no light fixture to bump into.

I cut off the excess chicken wire at the top of the figure.

I continued to sew the chicken wire to the tomato cage.

Yikes...those wires are kinda pokey!

Everything went pretty well by overlapping the chicken wire -- except this area -- but I think it will work itself out once I start plaster cloth'ing.

Now to get rid of those pokey wires!

The masking tape is only half holding the wire ends...I am also squeezing them to the lip of the upper form. (I think it is an upside down plastic hanging planter from a plant that got a bit fried this summer.)

Another layer of tape to hold the first layer of tape.

I am going to use aluminum foil to cover the chicken wire this time. I hope it works okay.

I mean, it is going on just fine...

...and I am crimping it down over those pokey wires to block them even more...

...but I am not so sure how well the plaster cloth will do on the aluminum foil over the chicken wire.

I think it will be fine if I kinda smash it as I smooth it. I want it to grip without having to do the inside, too...but I think I probably will have to do the inside. This guy is going to get heavy.

I need to feed the cats and take a break...give my hands and back a rest for a bit. I'd like to think I will get back in here sometime before bed and get the plaster cloth on the outside of the base...but I most likely won't...we'll see.

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