Monday, December 12, 2011

365 Day 346 -- part three -- whew!

I just couldn't leave it alone tonight

What? Part Three? Geez.

I really needed to finish up this part of the work tonight. Man oh man...I just couldn't leave it alone. (Here are parts one and two if you need to catch up.)

I put the masking tape over the the joins.

I put it on the inside, too...even though I said I wasn't going to do that.

The edges are looking like they have a deliberate pattern and shape(s) to them. Granted, it is still in rough form, but you can mostly see it.

Here is what the inside looks like now. This thing isn't going is pretty darn solid.

It is beginning to look to me like this could turn into some sort of cat shrine or tribute.

I could make the four rods into "legs". I could bead and embellish the rings.

I could make four "panels" and dedicate them to the four winds, the four seasons, directions, etc.

Or I could go back to one of my first ideas and make this into some sort of giant chess or game piece. Or some sort of totem. Or an Animal Person...and maybe give it clothes and arms and hands.

SO many possibilities!

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