Thursday, December 8, 2011

365 Day 342

Second Thursday (December)

There are a bunch of us local artists who get together on the second Thursday of the month. We take turns bringing a small project to work on -- but mostly it is an excuse to get together at the bar and talk and catch up on what we are all working on and just have a fun night out. (Let me also say that it is usually a little bit hard to see what we are doing -- or see the colors we are using -- it is a bar and dimly lit...we have F*U*N...that's the main idea.)

Tonight Leann brought us a couple of coloring sheets.

One was a chameleon that we were supposed to draw the background for...the other one was a Xmas tree we were supposed to color, decorate, etc.

And here is what we had to work with...nice new crayons and a few pencils and pens.

Oh...this was a wee bit alarming...hanging over the doorway to the pool table room just beyond our table.

And here we are...starting on the left:
Me (invisible)

I couldn't think of anything to draw (as usual) so I did a scribbly thing over the paper and came up with this desert scene...something I would never draw.

This is Ellen's drawing...look at all those guys!

This is Carla' cute...I like how her chameleon takes on exactly what he is in front of.

Here is Miss Peggy's too cool mask...she extended her drawing onto another sheet of paper...she likes to work big.

Here is Leann' cool that the chameleon is nearly invisible.

And this is Joan's first chameleon. REALLY cool ballpark with baseball bat and ball and crowd in the background.

Joan made a second chameleon...on a guy's head.

This is Joan's Xmas tree.

Ellen turned her tree sideways and made a dinosaur eating clever!!!

This is Leann's tree.

I missed taking photos of Carla and Peggy's trees.

For my tree I colored it pink and put a Tooklet as the tree topper. Then I passed it around the table and asked everyone to draw me an ornament.

From my left again and going around the table here is what everyone drew on my tree!

Ellen -- the octopus guy
Carla -- the little creature
Peggy -- the mermaid
Leann -- the skulls
Joan -- the hands

THANKS, Friends!

Ahhhhhhhhh...look how tall the tree is -- you can hardly see the Tooklet at the top!

Next month Carla is bringing the project! I am doing February.

This group is so much fun!


miss_peggy_artist said...

I'll say it was dark in the bar . . . I didn't even know you were there :)

It was fun . . . sadly I never got around to doing the tree.

I thought Ellens santa-eating-dino-tree was the best !

Took said...

LOL -- that's what happens when a person with dark hair wears a dark blue shirt and sits waaaaaaay across the table from you.

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