Tuesday, December 20, 2011

365 Day 354

I find it hard to believe...

...that I didn't think to make a crown before today!

Yes, it probably will turn out to be fairly heavy...but most of my "good" crowns are.

The chicken wire wound itself up like this last night...that is when I decided to give it a go.

A few snips and...

...a basic shape.

I don't love this crown, but it is just my first try at crown making.

I added the masking tape to the inside (facing out)...

...so it could hold the Scott's Xtreme Rags in place for plaster cloth'ing.

MANY plaster cloth triangles later.

Not too bad.

It fit pretty well before I added the plaster cloth. I tried to leave room for it and for some kind of soft padding around the inside bottom edge if I need it.

I don't think it will be sharp, but it will be hard.

I really don't like working with wire so I will not be making any chicken wire and beads or chicken wire and wire crowns...even though they probably make a little more sense. I just wanted to try this because the chicken wire presented the shape and idea.

After I did the crown I kept looking at the inside of the Hands Up cat-creature.

I decided to go ahead and put a layer of plaster cloth on the inside.

It probably isn't going to do much as far as strength or structure go, but at least I feel a little better...LOL. It will add some weight, too.

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