Tuesday, December 6, 2011

365 Day 340

tip him over and get started!

Today I put the first section of body/clothes on the experimental plaster cloth dog.

I have no idea how well paper bags are going to work as foundation for the plaster cloth but that is what this dog guy is all about...experimenting.

I tipped him over on his side because I needed to work inside first. The paper was going to get pretty floppy, so I needed to secure it as best I could to try and keep it somewhat stable.

This is what he looks like inside...not much there.

And I was wondering how I would get that overlapping (pointed) piece to conform more to the tomato cage because it is pretty far away from the framework.

The floppiness of the paper bags with the plaster cloth applied to it helped to make the overlapping piece mold itself into a useable shape when I turned the dog on that side.


I hope it stays like that. I hope that this will be strong enough to keep building on.

A closer look at the inside "structure" (or lack thereof).

He is going to need to dry really well before I do anything else to him I think. I am also expecting him to be pretty brittle so I will need to be careful.

For now he can look towards the window.

I also plaster cloth'd his tie parts today...different session.


...and after.

And I just wanted to point out -- one more time -- that I do blog entries like this mainly so that I can see what works (or what doesn't work) and how I did it. This is in no way meant to be a tutorial on how to use plaster cloth...LOL.

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