Friday, December 23, 2011

365 Day 357

more work on the experimental plaster cloth dog

I will be a happy happy girl when television programming goes back to its regular schedule after the first of the year. I don't usually try to work on stuff this early in the day...but my day(s) right now are really thrown off without my usual working-from-my-chair-in-front-of-tv routine. I am not complaining or bah-humbugging...I am just saying.

The experimental plaster cloth dog laying over on its side so that I can lay plaster cloth on the inside bottom of the base.

How it looked before the plaster cloth.

Much better after plaster cloth.

I am doing this step for two reasons. Because this is the experimental piece, I can see if I need to do the inside of the base...see if it makes a difference in the structural strength of the piece.

Reason #2 is because I am considering leaving the middle of the base "open" and since you'd be able to see inside of the bottom of the base, I'd rather have people looking at a finished-looking interior of painted plaster cloth rather than the unfinished bags and tape.

Longer can still see way up inside of the top tier where I didn't add plaster cloth to the bags and tape.

I was just now thinking there is still time to apply the plaster cloth -- but that would kind of defeat the purpose of the experiment.

The front of the piece with the wacky floppy (yet rigid with plaster cloth) edge.

View from behind.

I really need to start thinking about how I want to finish this guy. I know he is a "working dog" and I know it is a male in a shirt and tie and pants with belt...if I finish the whole base. If I leave the middle of the base open -- I don't know -- I think I would want something to relate to him in there (still a working dog). Lots to think about...and it could simply come down to how the piece feels after the bottom of the base dries.

In the meantime, I took some of the photos and doctored them a little so I could see the details better. Then I traced the basic outline and tried to draw on what the painted guy might look like with shirt, collar and tie, arms and sleeves with cuffs, paws with claws, pants and a belt.

Rear view. I figured the wonky edge might be his shirttail hanging out of his pants.

Front view. Proportions aren't exactly right...but this is just a preliminary ideas stage.

Wow -- it is only 3 o'clock! I have a whole lotta time to kill before bedtime tonight. My routine is really messed up. I guess I will have to find some more projects to work on...

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