Monday, May 21, 2012

2012/265 - Day 142 part two

my Universal collaborators dropped in unexpectedly...

I wasn't planning on doing a part two for the blog today, but the Universe sent a collaborator or two to visit and poke at me.  I am not sure why, but I have been stalling/avoiding working on anything...I am glad they came by.

Remember this guy from back in February (and a bit earlier)?
I had always thought of him as a wolfish guy who had stepped out of the shower and had a towel wrapped around him. 

Today the collaborators showed me that I was on the wrong track.  This is really a grammy wolf/bear-creature. 

I had this piece of thin cardboard outer packaging from something or other in my reuse it bin.  It fit perfectly around her and was the perfect length for a skirt.  How about that?

I laid out aluminum foil, laid down the cardboard and put down two flat layers of plaster cloth (all one piece).  I flipped it over and smoothed the edges over and repeated the steps.

Then I quickly picked up the double-sided piece of plaster cloth'd cardboard and wrapped it around her and put on a triangle or two of plaster cloth to secure it enough to work on it.


This is how it looked right after securing the skirt.

 The top needs to be filled in for support.  


I also noticed that there was a rather prominent dip in her right rear...that had to be built up...quickly. 

I looked around my table and found this plastic bag.  I wadded it up and it seemed to work pretty well.

I secured it with plaster cloth triangles and held them in place for a second or two, then I added on two leftover pieces of the same lightweight cardboard to smooth everything out and plaster cloth'd over that.

And look -- it worked!  It looks pretty even to me.  She is also taking on a grammy kind of shape.

She is going to need arms and I need to figure out what she is doing...if anything.

 Here she is taking her place on the drying rack.


whitney! said...

Hey there, I would love to buy some "make art now!" packets from you. I have one from your michigan art-o-mat but I want to get some more for gifts. Please contact me via email --

Thank you,


Fibra Artysta said...

Maybe she is a knitter. :)

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