Wednesday, May 16, 2012

2012/365 - Day 137

Wednesday Morning at Joan's (a mobile edition)

Typically on Wednesday mornings Joan and Leann and I meet at Joan's house to talk about what we are working on and to work on small projects.  This morning Joan was a bit under the weather and told us to go ahead and meet up anyway.

Leann lives in Plymouth and we wanted to chat over coffee so we met up at the Plymouth Coffee Bean.

Perfect timing -- just as I was getting out of the car and taking the photo of the coffeehouse I heard Leann calling my name.

Leann walked from her house up to "The Bean".

We had our coffee in front of the David Lynch red velvet curtain and talked and then decided to take a run over to one of her rental properties.  Leann had a basket of stuff that she salvaged and wanted to give to Joan for Joan's artwork.  After that we went back to Leann's house and watched a fabulous PBS segment that Leann wanted to show to Joan.  I can't wait for next week so we can all watch it together...Joan is going to LOVE it (and I don't want to talk about it now and spoil anything).  While I was looking around at Leann's stuff in her front room I must've said something that triggered a thought for Leann because she wanted to show me something that she is very interested in.

 Leann has a fascination with the Unicorn Tapestries and she wanted to share it with me.  There are two sets of tapestries -- one with a red background and the storyline of the fives senses (which is her preferred set of tapestries) and the one with the green background -- the more well known series -- which is about the hunting of the unicorn.  I was slightly familiar with the green series...mostly with the one that is shown on the cover of this book...but I don't really know anything about it.

Leann graciously loaned me one of her books about the subject.  I am anxious to start perusing it.

I went home for a brief time and then called the Art House to see if Joan made it into work.  Of course she did. 

Those big colored dots at the entrance to the Art House are so fun and inviting!

I wanted to take Joan the basket of salvaged stuff that Leann gave me to give to her.

Joan was really excited about it -- she knew exactly what it all was before I could even say anything...piano keys!

Joan even knew how they fit together and could say what musical notes they formed. 

She was also excited about the hammers with the felted ends.  Joan's husband Andy knows about the parts, too...he can tune a piano (but he can't tune-a-fish...I already asked).

Joan and I talked for a bit and Carla came in and out of Joan's office, too.  We all spoke about an upcoming collage & assemblage exhibition in Lowell that I'd like us all to submit art to...we could make a an arty road trip out of it and see the show and have dinner in Lowell and check out the river walk, etc.

And when I got home Twink was at the door to the back stairs to greet me (as usual) only this time I had my camera ready to capture him eye-to-eye.  (He was surprised.)

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Kat Campau said...

That was an interesting morning.

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