Saturday, May 5, 2012

2012/365 - Day 126

playing around with the look of a collage

There are four upcoming shows I am working towards. 

I like this collage a lot. This is/was canvas #4 in the series of repurposed canvases.  It didn't make it into a previous show and now I am considering altering it a bit for submission to a different show.  But I am not exactly sure what I want to do with it or how I want to change it.

Although I am not very skilled with doing things in the photo program, I find it is a sort of helpful tool to get me thinking about things.

So...starting with a photo of the collage...

...I "drew" lines on it in the paint section of the photo program and then "painted" in some of the lines.

Then I "spray painted" some colors -- just to see how it would look if I changed the fox's hat a little.

It would not look like this in real life...but it gives me something to start with.

Then I went back and added some transparent color to the fox's shirt.

I think I might want to make the fox and his clothes more solid looking like this and let the little floaty companion guy on the right stay the way it that the viewer can see it or not.


Doing things this way takes me waaaaay longer than it probably needs to...but I have a little more to think about now that I have sort of "seen" it -- and -- I didn't have to mess up the real collage (yet).

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