Sunday, May 13, 2012

2012/365 - Day 134

experimenting on a collage

This is probably Painting 101 for most artists, but I'm not a painter -- so for me it is experimenting.

I wanted to make the llama lady and sleepy burro boy stand out from the background.  

I got out some acrylics in browns and one green and I got brave and I darkened in the outline of the llama lady.

This is canvas #8 close up in the "before" stage.

I mixed the colors together and darkened the outline.  Then I tried to use a slightly lighter mixture and pull it away from the outline, hoping to feather the color into the collage.

For a first try, I am fairly happy with this...not when I'm right up on top of it...

...but when I step back it looks kinda cool.

I am not sure how to proceed from here, but I will figure it out. 
 And when I step even further away it looks even better. 

I bet it looks the very best when you aren't in the room with it at all...LOL

1 comment:

Pamela Patterson Reinhardt said...

lol bigtime.....still laughing.. really, tears now laughing so hard.

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