Friday, May 4, 2012

2012/365 - Day 125

the marsupial gets a start on some shoulders

First let me say that this creature is not meant to look like an actual living sugar glider.  It is a sugar glider-creature...a creature sort of based in part on a sugar glider, but with plenty more thrown in as I/we go along.

I think this piece will be submitted to a show calling for assemblage and collage.  I hope this will qualify in the assemblage section.

Today I gave the creature a start on some shoulders (or something).  I keep getting ideas of what this piece is about the more I work on it.  I will talk more about that part of things as I get a better handle on what is going on...LOL.

SO here are the photos from working on the creature tonight.  I worked on both sides at the same time so I could try and keep them even...and...remember how I was doing it.

The back and the glass blobs are what I am starting to get the story about.

You can sort of see them better in this light and the shoulder area is working its way into the story, too.

Oh -- and I went to Best Buy this morning for a  new cord for my Canon camera(s) to hook up to the computer.  The person helping me assured me that I all needed was a small USB cord (new black one).

I wanted to know what the round/tube thing is on the original white Canon cord that came with my Power Shot...they couldn't tell me. Eventually I would like to find an original replacement cord with the extra thingy on it.

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