Thursday, May 24, 2012

2012/365 - Day 144 (a day late)

lost computer modem/signal last night

Everything was working fine at around 8 o'clock last night, I left the room for about an hour and then came back in to post to the blog and the internet was dead.

I couldn't get email or get online.

Happily enough, Comcast arrived this afternoon and put a big band aid on stuff until they can send out the guys to work on the pole.

Here is Jeremiah working to get me back online.  Very nice guy.

 This is my (temporary) zoomy new power-boosting modem.

There is something wrong with the wiring/signal/etc. at the pole that has to get repaired but this flashy contraption is supposed to get me through until it is fixed...then Jeremiah will be back to undo this one and put in the new modem.

So here is what I was going to post yesterday for the real Day 144:  Wednesday Morning at Joan's -- another mobile edition:

Joan and I went to Leann's house to watch the PBS segment that Leann has been wanting to show to Joan.

It was a piece about artist El Anatsui.

Here is a link for you to find out about him and his art.

I enjoyed watching the segment again, but my main focus was on...


What a lovely kitteh model.

One more over-the-shoulder shot.

After watching the tv segment Leann and Joan and I went to the Plymouth Coffee Bean for coffee and snacks and talking.

This is that David Lynch red velvet curtain I mentioned last week.  We didn't sit here this time.

We sat at the front window.  Lots of talking about art and projects and just plain talking and visiting.

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