Friday, May 25, 2012

2012/365 - Day 146

flower sale and progress on Grammy

Today is the first day of Northville's Flower Sale -- Main Street is packed with beautiful flowers!

Joan and I went downtown to the Flower Sale -- thank goodness for the nice breeze/wind...that sun is brutal!

Sadly, there were no lupines (for me) or poppies (Sue wants to get some for Devon)...but the colors are just breathtaking!

Oooh -- my second choice -- foxgloves!  

I could only afford to concentrate on a small budget...still looking for lupines at this point.

I really, really liked these guys a lot.

The colors of these were so beautiful -- it was like a painter painted each one individually.

I love heuchera/coral bells -- I have quite a few at my house, but there were some varieties here I don't have...but that is way more planting than I can handle on my own.

Joan and I ran into Mary Starring at the sale.

I went back for some foxgloves.  Two tall plants and two smaller plants.

It is a really good thing that Joan has such a tall car!

I am going to let the foxgloves rest a bit in the back hallway -- a few of the leaves are looking a teensy bit shocky.  It is also really windy back there right now.

I need to clear a space for them and I need a break from the sun.

What a WONDERFUL morning!

Here is what else I did with Grammy last night at around 2 a.m.

I softened her face a little, gave her more nose and mouth, added the glass eyes (I got from them from the taxidermy place -- the black pupils were already there, I added the color).  The face isn't done yet.

She also got her other fingers/hand/arm attached.

That new hand is larger than the other one, but oh well...I like it and I really like the shape of the fingers.

It is a little hard to tell, but she is saying "it was about this size."

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