Tuesday, May 22, 2012

2012/365 - Day 143

a great day with two great friends

Today Ruth and Juana and I spent most of the day together and had such a blast!

First we went to lunch at Cass Cafe...mmmmmm....calamari!  Then we stopped at Curl Up and Dye to say hi to Andi but this was one of her Tuesdays off. 

Next we went to Grosse Pointe Art Center to see Juana's self portrait in the Faces/Portraits exhibit.  Here are a few photos -- you can see all of the ones I took in my Facebook album here.  There are several exhibits running at the same time at GPAC.  A kids' art show, the main Faces/Portraits show, a couple of others and also a beautiful grouping from a workshop that was held at Detroit's Capuchin Soup Kitchen.

"During the months of February, March and April a 10-week art workshop was taught at the Capuchin Soup Kitchen.

This workshop was set up to soften the harsh and often depressing winter for those in difficult circumstances and give them an opportunity to experience the healing potential of art-making.  For some of the participants, this was their first ever experience exploring any form of art.  They were able to experiment freely with materials like acrylics, graphite and printing techniques."

The artist whose art I especially loved was Joann Anthony.  I wanted to buy several of her pieces but they were already sold.  I did manage to snatch up two gorgeous unframed pieces.

 After GPAC it was time for a couple of errands (for me, of course).  First we went to LIFT in Royal Oak to change some of the art in the Art-o-mat machine.  While we were there I grabbed a Friends With You/Hello Kitty dangly thing and a really adorable squishy fox thing for my sister Sue who loves foxes and who will be driving me back to Muskegon next week.

This guy was on the sidewalk outside of LIFT.

Next we made my second errand to get cat stuff at Napier's in Birmingham.  After that I made us stop for a coffee-to-go and then we went to Treat Dreams for ice cream for Juana and Ruth.  I am not an ice cream lover so I at least needed to have the coffee...I got a chocolate chip cookie but it was way too sweet...good, but sweet.  

While we were sitting at Treat Dreams and talking and laughing and sharing stories I suddenly realized how late it was and that we still had to get back across town to Northville to drop off art for West of Center!  Man -- we made it just in time!

After that Ruth and I went to Deadwood Grill for dinner...I really wanted their buffaloaf.  Ruth had one of the day's specials -- pot roast and vegetables.  Yummmmm-eeeee!

What a great day with great friends!

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