Thursday, May 3, 2012

2012/365 - Day 124

broken/faulty camera cord (updated blog post)

Dammit.  I think the cord that hooks up my camera to the computer is finally dead.  It has had a bent connection thing for a long time.  I can't get the computer to recognize either camera.

BUT --
I did put the plaster cloth on the other hand/arm for the marsupial.   

I'm in my pajamas and settled in for the night.  Suzanne is dropping by here after work.  I don't really feel like getting dressed and rushing to Best Buy to see if they have a replacement cord tonight.  That would also mean I'd be driving in the dark and I really don't want to do that, either.

SO --
I am just sayin'...I am reserving this spot for the photos once I get the replacement cord.  Hopefully that will be tomorrow.


Gasp -- I came back into the studio just now and gave the cord one final wiggle and it worked!  So here are the photos from earlier, plus the back up ones from my other camera...LOL.

and by the way...what I was concerned would happen if I didn't make both hand/arm pieces on the same day did happen...the new hand is quite a bit thicker than the first one...maybe it is a sort of subliminal homage to my swollen hands from yesterday...LOL

When I wasn't sure if the problem was the camera or the cord I took photos of the photos -- I a bit overboard, or what?  LOL

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