Wednesday, May 2, 2012

2012/365 - Day 123

ahhh...getting a routine (and rhythm) back

Joan, Leann, Scout and I had a Wednesday Morning at Joan's after what seemed like a really long l-o-n-g break.  It was SO good to get back together again this morning and catch up on everyone's news and get back into our rhythm.

Joan showed us the incredible quilt she is working on.

After that we mostly talked and got caught up. 

This is the waaaaay cool guy that Joan brought me from Montmarte in Paris. 

I added him to my car keys right away!

Awwww...good girl, Scout!

Later in the afternoon I tweaked canvas #8.

I had to fix the neck of the llama/giraffe was too wide on the area over the horse's nose and was really bothering me.

I added more blue paper to the left of her neck and re-did the edge of her neck with some tea bag edges that I saved from the night before -- good thing I saved them!

I am also noticing that the tea bag edges dry much darker than they are when they go on.

And tonight I HAD to work on the marsupial...I just had to. 

But there were some hitches...
 As you might know from all of my whining, I have a major problem with allergies lately.  Today one of the manifestations of the allergic reaction(s) is that my hands are very swollen.

This was the third glove I tried to put can see that I couldn't pull it down onto my hand all the way and that the bottom ripped while I was pulling it.  This is a small size glove and usually fits like...well, like a glove.

Luckily I also have a box of medium size gloves. The problem here is that the glove is a bit too big.  The fingers are way too long.  That means that the glove bunches at the top of my fingers and I can't smooth the plaster cloth very easily because I can't feel what I am doing and the excess glove material is in the way.

So -- 

This means that I only worked on one of the hand/arm parts.

When I sat down to work on this tonight I thought 
I would be putting the plaster cloth on the fingers and hand and wrist areas of both sides...but no.  I soon found that I had to do the entire arm and put it in place so that the fingers would "hold" the pouch.

So I had to cover the whole section very quickly and attach it to the rest of the body...and I really wasn't prepared for that.

This is not what I had in mind, but I think I can work around it.

I couldn't see what I was doing when I was adding the plaster cloth wads to the side and back of the arm.  I had to try to hold it in place and dip/apply/smooth the plaster cloth triangles at the same time.

Considering the balancing act and that I was working blind, I am not too unhappy with this.  I will take tonight and part of tomorrow to think about how to proceed.

But the sugar glider-creature is holding its pouch open, dammit!

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