Thursday, May 17, 2012

2012/365 - Day 138

first attack on the weeds

Today my wonderful sister Sue (and my four-legged niece Abby) came over to help me start the weeding of the flower beds in the front of my yard.  I thought the thistles were bad last year...this was ridiculous!  I had to carefully search for my lupines in all of those thistles.

One of the surviving lupines plants.

Thistles closest to the house.

Thistles closest to the road.

I decided this year I am going to pull up all of the vegetation that has been bothering me. 

These daffodils (and a few narcissus) were here when I moved in.  I dug them all up and later cut the bulbs.  I will be giving them away.

One of my original beauties...and it is just starting to open up with a flower.

The view down the driveway from the front porch.  The is Amerman Elementary School across the street and my seeeeester Sue at the end of the drive.

Abby hates being tied up...she was kind of mopey...but I live on a busy street.

After some of the work I did...including digging out the "cousin" of the dreaded thing I call The Devil's Fingers.  It is off to the left of the photo.

The lawn guys just happened to show up today, too.  When they were done Abby was moved to the nice soft grass where she had a better view of the various stages of kids getting out of school.

This is Sue trying to put the cousin of The Devil's Fingers into a bag.

It fought her.

It kept sticking roots out of one end of the bag.

Then it tore the bag...but Sue eventually won.

We were laughing so was like we were harvesting daffodils to take to market.

Whew!  That was a LOT of weeding...view from the porch.  

And the view from the end of the driveway looking back towards the house.

There is SO much more to do -- so many  more beds to go -- but what a difference!  I was beginning to worry I was going to get a ticket for the weeds.  At least now it looks like we are trying to get started on them.

Awww....a baby lupine!

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