Sunday, May 27, 2012

2012/365 - Day 148

practice, practice, practice...

Today while working with paint on canvas #4 I decided it was time to make a decision regarding the two upcoming shows with the closest deadlines.  I care more about one than I do the other (submitting-wise) and I think I am probably pushing too hard to fit into the "other".  I am going to drop submitting something to that one although I really want to go and see the exhibit during its run.

The biggest reason is that I am not a painter...I am someone who stumbles onto things on occasion that work out at that particular moment.  It can be a bit frustrating at times, but mostly I am fine with that.  I really do understand that it is something that I can learn and it is something that takes lots and lots and lots of practice -- especially for someone that it just doesn't come to naturally.

LOL -- I think I like the idea of painting much more than the actual process of painting.  I sure know I enjoy acquiring paint and looking at the tubes all spread out.

This is an area of the foxish-creature's face before I tried to add shadow to it.

This is the area after I was done (for now).  It isn't horrible, the problem is that is the best area...the rest is pretty messed up.


I did manage to mix some colors together that I added over the top of his hat and over his shirt.  You can still see through it in person and I really like the color.


But now I am back to several of my "normal" painting dilemmas.  Again, I realize this is a problem mainly for me and it is probably not as bothersome to the viewer.

  • I feel like the more I add to the piece, the even more I will need to add...color-wise
  • Now I feel like the color I added to his hat and shirt draw my eye more than I wanted
  • I am thinking (now) that he probably needs an eye color -- how do I choose one that isn't too distracting but that stands out enough to distract from his shirt and hat?
  • he still needs all sorts of shadow work

An artist friend is coming for a working visit during June.  I think I will set this canvas aside until them and perhaps he can coach me with the shadowing.  We'll see...

In the meantime, it will be a plaster cloth (and then painting) crazy place around here while I pull things together for the show I care more about submitting something to.

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