Monday, May 28, 2012

2012/365 - Day 149

flowers and starting to paint a guy

My friends Andi and Punkin came over this morning to finish up the foxglove plantings that they (and Jackbrown) started on Saturday (with all the intermittent rain).  In the meantime, another friend -- Peggy -- brought me some plants that she was thinning out from her garden...especially some columbines (and "we" moved some columbines in my yard, too).

This was the beginning of the can see all of the photos at my Facebook album here.

The plantings are so lovely -- it looks like the areas have always been like that!

Today I also starting painting a plaster cloth guy.  This is a creature I made for myself and haven't painted yet because I didn't know what I wanted him to look like.  I gave him a few layers of spray paint today in four colors of Montana Gold paint.  

This is the first two coats -- a yellow and a bright green.

Next came orange and olive.

It was hard to get shots of the color because the sun that was able to filter through the trees whited everything out.

Back in the studio on my desk you can see the orange and olive much better.  I intend to use that as a bottom layer of color and paint him with acrylics and brushes.

I really like the way the antlers look, though...

I like how they change color as you walk around them.

It is almost like they are lit up from inside.

I sprayed the painted antlers with a thick coat of Golden spray matte varnish and it clouded up a little in places.  Geez...if it isn't too cold to spray outside (to try to avoid fumes) then it is too hot or humid.  I think that was the problem with the clouding of the varnish...although I kind of sort of like how it looks.

A little while ago I decided I was going to lay on a couple of colors of green around his eyes.  Gah...I had this same sort of problem with earlier pieces I tried to spray paint...the paint tends to brush off.  It acts like colored dust on the plaster cloth.

This happened previously with pieces I gesso'd first and also with this guy who wasn't gesso'd first.  It probably has more to do with my spray painting "techniques"/lack of skill and my spritzing versus spraying on an actual coat.

I like how the colors come up through the layers of spray paint, though...this is just the first layer around his eyes...lots more to do.

I am glad this is a piece I am keeping for myself.  I am considering submitting it to that upcoming show but I am not positive I am ready for it.  (The show or the finish-painting.)

I may end up not submitting anything at all to that show either.  We will see as the deadline approaches.  Baby steps to ME being happy with my completed pieces.

OOOH -- that IS thunder in the distance (that is quickly becoming not-so-distant)...I am turning my computer off now.

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