Tuesday, May 1, 2012

2012/365 - Day 122

back to work

I have been slacking off the last few days since the road trip.  I have allowed myself to give in to the allergies and give myself excuses for not getting back to work.  Today I wanted to do two activities to start to make up for some of the time.

These are the tea bags that Karen gave me a while back.  

This is how canvas #8 looked before I started working on it tonight.

This is a close up of the neck of the llama/giraffe girl.  You can see where I previously added the tea bags on the left side of her neck.

This is a close up of a tea bag being applied to the surface.

When I started adding the tea bags today I noticed I must have used the darker ones before.  See the difference in the color of the outline?

I decided to go back over the darker outlines with the lighter tea bags...more work but it looks a lot better.  Also, it gives just a teensy bit of height to the edge.

It is much easier to see her neck now.  The tea bags were just the perfect thing I needed to make her neck different from the horse but still not too prominent when compared to the horse.

I used up all of the lighter tea bags.  I am anxious to see how this looks once it is dry!

Here is the second activity for today.

I made the hand/arm for the left side of the marsupial.

I'm fairly happy (so far) with the way the hands/arms are turning out...they look pretty even.  I took off the upper arm part, though.

The real test will be when I plaster cloth the hands/arms.  I don't want them to become much larger and those are small areas between the fingers.


JamieBeth said...

Very Nice! Thanks for accepting my FB request. I am also a fellow arto artist! Although I don't submit as much as I would like....Would you mind listing me with the other arto artists?
Jamie Rowe-Rischitelli paintings on facebook
Thank you!!

Took said...

Thanks -- I added your Etsy shop.

JamieBeth said...

Thank you Took! I think it's time I got started on another arto edition....

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