Saturday, May 19, 2012

2012/365 - Day 140

thinkin' about the atomic fireball happy hour guy

This guy has been very, very patient...waiting it out on the in-process drying rack. 

As always, I have no firm idea of what I want to do with him or what I want him to be. 

The first thing that came to mind this morning was "how about his eyes?" -- I have been trying out a few ideas this evening.

I reached into the recycle/reuse bin and came up with these items.  The domed vending machine toy holders are from Suzanne.  The blue caps are from my Fiji water bottles and I don't remember where the large white caps came from, although I do remember washing them will come to me.

If I use the domed toy holders, how will I give the eyes color?

This is wadded up yarn.

This is collage paper (not glued in)...I think the look of the paper could be cool, I have so many papers and the gel medium would probably change the look of the paper itself underneath the plastic.

How about if I paint it sort of like an eye?

Add a little yellow for some color...

...then cover the whole thing with bright blue paint.


This would be easy to build up with plaster cloth.  It would be easy to place with the plaster cloth...don't know yet...

the large white cap

the blue Fiji cap

One of each -- I like this.

I still have a bunch of those large, flat glass shapes left over -- but I'd have to paint them.

I made the dot with the eraser of a pencil.

I sprayed a light coat of orange never sprays like I think it will.  

And then I added an overall coat of green spray paint.

You can kind of, sort of see the green and orange in the eye. 

If I use the glass "eyes" I will probably use a combo of tube acrylics and then overcoat them with the spray paint.

The glass eyes would certainly give him a whole different look.

Then there is the placement of the eyes and man...does that ever change things!

Back to the think tank.

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