Saturday, May 26, 2012

2012/365 - Day 147

working on the foxish creature and the tigery guy

Today my friends Andi, Jackbrown, and Annabella came over on their day off -- before the Gogol Bordello concert they were going to tonight -- to help me get the rest of the front bed weeded and to plant the new foxgloves.  They worked so hard and there is still quite a bit to do...and the off-and-on rain didn't help things much.  I have such great friends!  They plan to come back on Monday to finish up.

This evening and tonight I have been working on the foxish creature collage (canvas #4) and I have been wrestling with the (now ancient) tigery guy.

Slightly angled "before" stage.

The looks-like-I-didn't-get-much-done-but-it-was-slow-shaky-handed-work "after" stage. 

Still a long way to go!

This guy has been hanging around the studio for so long!  And he has had so many different incarnations.  Right now he kind of sort of looks like a tigery kinda guy.  I seriously doubt he will remain a tigery guy owing to my lack of painting skills/patience.

He has been precariously balanced in the tomato cage all this time.  

Tonight I decided to make him really secure in there.  I crammed in lots more cardboard...

...pulled out the reusable packaging materials and plastic bags...

...filled in gaps...

....then taped it all up really tight and quite thoroughly.

Even though the is very secure and very well balanced (as in not at all tippy) the tomato cage actually is that out of whack.

LOL -- it looks to me like it might belong in one of those roadside attraction "mystery houses" where things looks like they are upside down and you are walking sideways.

Wacky...but steady.

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