Wednesday, February 1, 2012

2012/365 - Day 32

four small projects, one blog post

Although I have been reunited with some of my television shows, I still don't have a dvr back yet (arrives tomorrow -- fingers crossed) and that means if I am to watch anything, I have to watch it in real quickly I became used to recording everything and fast forwarding through commercials and saving shows for later, more convenient times. I totally forgot what it was like to not be able to back up or pause something I am watching.

SO -- I wanted to work on a few smaller projects and blog about it so I can be done for today and settle in front of tv for the evening.

1. addressing the legs on the wolf-ish guy wrapped in a towel

I needed to decide what to do with this guy's legs...I kind of wanted to leave them as they are -- wood and old debris -- but the old debris is really sharp.

I also need to fill in the gaps between the body and the legs.

This is the sharp stuff...I took the wolf-ish guy downstairs and tried to sand the old debris but it is really thick and old and just a tad to cover it up.

I started to lay the plaster cloth down, trying to be careful on the inside of the leg so that it didn't get too thick to work with.

Then it hit me -- duh!...

...these legs screw right off!

I could make them smooth and thin on the inside sections because now I could easily reach everything.

a leg, setting up enough to move it

When the legs were dry enough to touch I screwed the one back on and set the wolf-ish guy on my desk to dry.

2. further de-creep-i-fyin' the canid

Okay...this guy is somewhat less "Mr. Creeping Me Out" than he used to be, but he still needed work.

Part of the problem is that now that I have built up parts of his face his eyes are too sunken and small.

Ta-daaaa...plaster cloth eyes.

Again...he still needs quite a bit more work. I am not sure he will remain some sort of canid...we will have to see how things turn out.

3. giving the dream beast eyes

Oh. My. Gosh. I cannot believe how adorable this guy is!

AND he is very, very flirty!

I love his eyes.

He still needs ears...and maybe a tail.

I hope I don't wreck him!

4. revisiting an old "save it for later" project from last year

When I was making Chime Cat for the "Come Play With Me" show at Paint Creek Center for the Arts last year this guy was also under consideration...but Chime Cat took waaaaay longer than I anticipated.

This guy's base is one of those Fisher Price roly poly chime balls.

I set it aside for later back then because I couldn't figure out the balance of it.

Not that I can now, but I am more willing to work on it now.

I love the sounds this ball makes...very ethereal.

I originally bought the ball for my niece when she was very young, probably in 1981 (or so). Now I have it again.

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