Tuesday, February 7, 2012

2012/365 - Day 38

bustin' stuff up

Today I have been revisiting projects, rethinking some, bustin' stuff up, sawing stuff off, setting parts aside, using old parts, ripping one part off and then repositioning it. It has been a very physical session.

Okay...this is the guy I decided to work on. I was stuck for what to do with him. Today it became clearer. I sat down with him, didn't know what to do, then immediately I knew I had to change his ears. His face is basically okay...it was his ears.

Hmmm...I guess he is a hare/rabbit-ish creature.

I am afraid of real life rabbits...I have no doubt mentioned this before. I walk a fine line between liking some rabbit-y art and being creeped out/scared of some. I tend to not mind long, skinny hares so much vs bunnies and rabbits.

For the ears I used some leftover parts of the paper tubes from the Studio Snake stash that I had already cut up.

Not too bad...they might get taller...not sure yet.

Okay...this is a guy that was basically finished, but was sitting on the save-it-for-later shelf because there was always something about him I just don't care for. For one thing, I have absolutely NO clue what he is about or what his story is.

He was good for practicing with spray paints and then for spritzing with alcohol inks. I was also practicing making eyes out of glass pebbles. He was one of the ten guys that were made from paper tubes and papier mache boxes and wooden plaques. He was made larger than the basic form with cut up floaty bopper swimming pool things.

A few nights ago (it might have been during the all-nighter) I got it in my head to turn him into a Wonderland-ish type Caterpillar. I started out with various sizes of cardboard tubes but I couldn't get it to work. I went "shopping" in the basement and found the broken (by Twink) wooden bird house that had crows painted on it and for some incredibly (probably sleep deprived) stupid reason I thought I could use it as the body. I was going to put more glass pebbles under the plaster cloth and continue them down the body.

Of course -- after I had some sleep -- this idea was scrapped, but he remained on the drying rack.

I decided to "free" him and maybe use the wooden column/former birdhouse with the rabbit bust.

It took quite a bit of hammer banging and sawing to get him released...and he came off of his wooden plaque.

I really ought to look into getting one of those saws that is used for cutting into casts. I bet they are pretty safe to use.

I freed the plaque...you can see down into the birdhouse now.

The guy and the plaque are reunited.

He looks funny where the alcohol inks ran off due to the wet plaster cloth.

Okay - back to the job at hand. I tried positioning the rabbit/hare-guy on the birdhouse...on the plaque and the birdhouse...

...it was just not meant to be.

I will use the birdhouse eventually.

I have been wanting to use these Chime Cat-style arms. They were the very last unused items on the save-it-for-later shelf.

I've also been wanting to use one of my Finish canisters.


I cut two notches into the sides of the canister so that I could crunch the shape to fit the bust better. Then I started the taping.

It took a lot of tape to get it to hold the shape...the tape was under a lot of pressure...I needed to get some plaster cloth on there to secure the shape.

Whew -- now I could work on it without worrying about the tape popping.

I added the arms -- I quite like it. It will get a slightly better shape (I hope) but for now...this is a decent amount of work for one day.

He joined the guys on the drying rack.


Something made me rip the second arm off so I could reposition it. I had to work quickly because the plaster cloth was nearly set.

There -- that is better.

And the arm went on surprisingly easily...the shape of the attaching part fit in the sideways position really well.

Yeah -- I like him much better now. Although he seems like he might be kinda bossy.


Suzanne144 said...

A bossy hare or hare-y boss is good.

Pacific College Mom said...

bigger ears!

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