Monday, February 20, 2012

2012/365 - Day 51 -- part two

working on atomic fireball happy hour guy

Named for the two major components of his inner structure, this guy is cracking me up. He keeps changing so much. I put on ears, I take off ears, I try new ears, I rip new ears off...I round off the top of his head, I add layers to his face...I'm done for today.

I couldn't always stop to take a picture, but here are a bunch from this session. He is not any specific creature/animal. (side note: it has been quite a challenge to work around those antlers without getting poked in the eye!)

These ears were made by cutting off the ends of really long and thick paint stirs. I taped them together so they'd be the same length then I cut them with the saw. Oddly enough they fit like jigsaw puzzle pieces at the points where they are attached. They may or may not stay the shape they are right now.

That was all I was going to do to him tonight. Yeah, right.

I wanted to get rid of the severe drop from his forehead to his nose. I layered on some paper rags...this time they were dry.

Then I found they work much better when I dip them in the warm water first.

I kept layering more paper rags and then a layer of smoothing plaster cloth...

...adding more across his nose, then in big triangle shapes down his nose.

I dunno...I am learning as I go, so I am not going to complain about how he is turning out. He is nowhere near being done so there is plenty of time to figure him out.

I know he will never be a version of a real life animal, that's for sure.

Stepping away for tonight.

The view from my desk.

Ha...from this angle it looks like the dream beast is either whispering to the crocodile guy or they have merged into one creature.

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