Wednesday, February 8, 2012

2012/365 - Day 38 (and a half)

taller ears!

I was thinking of taller ears for the last few hours. I came in to check my mail before going to bed and it only took a teensy bit of encouragement...this guy definitely needed taller ears!

This is how he started out tonight (before I changed his arm).

This is really the 3rd set of ears (I made ones in between these and the smaller ones but didn't photograph them.)

closer view

another view

Nooooo...if I am going to exaggerate the ears, I am going to exaggerate the ears!

That's more like it!

another view

Cool -- I like 'em!

I really need to go to bed now or this will turn into an all-nighter and I need to be somewhere at nine in the morning -- which means I need to get up at six.

(These might need to be just a bit taller still...dunno yet.)

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