Saturday, February 25, 2012

2012/365 - Day 56 -- part two

yow -- this guy JUMPED right through the layers

Last Wednesday I worked on covering over this former vision board canvas that I wasn't connecting with.

Today as I was walking past it to leave the studio it kinda screamed at me.

I took it off the wall and turned it from its original horizontal position to this vertical view...that's when it happened.

This guy absolutely JUMPED out of the emerging for him!

I started to draw a light pencil line around what I was seeing but it was telling me "NO -- use PAINT!". Okay.

Also, at first, I kinda saw a sled dog...just sayin'.

 sled dog. THIS guy.

This dancin' guy.

I filled in his eyes and nose and mouth with neutral gray but he wanted raw umber for the outline of the rest.

I guess he was right -- it is easier to see the raw umber outline.

I think this guy might be a bit bossy...but he's a good dancer.

I started to put the canvas back up on the wall (in the horizontal position) to dry but he insisted on being put next to my desk and chair against the of the floor!...on the box.


Now...if only the other repurposed canvases would give me directions/hints...

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