Wednesday, February 15, 2012

2012/365 - Day 46

moving on

I have two incredibly caring and loving friends who saw me through today. It is time to let go of an emotionally very painful thing -- I choose to leave it behind and move forward.

Leann and I worked on our hand sewn art quilts today.

I started out a little shaky on my blanket stitches around the left hand, but I started to pick it up after a while.

This is a detail from Leann's quilt so I can remember what the stitches look like.

Leann showed me the chain stitch today.

another detail from Leann's quilt

one more from Leann's quilt

Then Twink got all ooh-y about Leann's bag.

Leann steadied the bag so that Twink wouldn't roll off the table.

Next Twink decided to inspect Leann's quilt a little closer.

Now it is my turn for Inspector Twink.

Leann suggested changing the color of "my" hands on the larger collaborator's hands. I agreed. I like it a lot.

Look -- my blanket stitches improved!

I even went around curves and corners without stopping.

Leann is working on putting even more buttons on a purse she made.

Thank You, Joan. Thank You, Leann. Thank You, Twink.
I love you guys.

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Leann said...

Despite angst, a fun day!

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