Wednesday, February 8, 2012

2012/365 - Day 39 part 3

back home with a bunch o' loot!

Wow -- I just got back from (dinner with Leann and Jane) and the ATC Exchange meeting. What a fun time! AND I brought home a lot of stuff!

This is one of the cards I made -- the theme this month was Fortune Cookie Fortunes.

This is the first one I made and I messed up on it with the directions/placements of the fortune cookies I carved so I am keeping this one.

When Ruth asked me if the meeting was this week or next week I must've been confused and I mistakenly told her it was next week. She went out of town on a fun trip...but I still feel badly about it.

I normally just make the 5 cards to do the trade but I made 10 this time so I could trade four extras with people (I made a card for Ruth) and the next time I see Ruth she can go through the cards and pull some out for herself.

Norma's card came with a box of chocolates and several people brought fortune cookies...including Leann who made me bring home one of the boxes of them. I will give them to my sister. Leann also gave me three of the Wheel of Fortune Cookie props she made for the photo on her card. Man -- Leann can carve!!!

ALSO -- much to my absolute deeeelight -- Ingrid Dijkers brought in this wonderful papier mache rock that she made some time ago for another project. She knows I make stuff with plaster cloth and since she didn't need this rock she thought perhaps I would like to have it and even maybe use if for the base of something else.

Oh YES...thank you so much, Ingrid!

Jane said it looked like it was a piece of something that had escaped from my studio.

love to get my projects this smooth and even!) (and lightweight)

Yep -- that wonderful rock fits right in!

I am going to sit and watch a little tv with Twink and then I am going to get back into the plaster cloth. I don't know if I will blog again before midnight but maybe I can get one more "part" in today.

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