Monday, February 13, 2012

2012/365 - Day 44 -- part one

another lesson learned


I guess I won't be carving with Carla today or working on my quilt. Apparently yesterday's art quilt class was too much closed hand activity in one stretch. My hand is swollen and my upper arm feels like I got a tetanus shot.

I think the hand sawing of a piece of wood on Saturday morning also contributed to today's swelling. On the way to class yesterday I was telling Ruth that my hand was sore underneath my thumb and that my forearm hurt.

On today's agenda (now that my plans have changed): elevate my hand/arm and use the cold pack.

Hopefully by behaving myself for the rest of the morning and afternoon, by tonight I will be able to try a small amount of some kind of closed hand project.

BUMMER, man!

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