Wednesday, February 29, 2012

2012/365 - Day 60

a friends-filled day

This morning was a brief version of Wednesday Morning at Joan's.

This is the lovely Scout looking out the window.

Leann is working on a sewing project and Joan was finishing up some paperwork.

Leann put the hardware on my framed piece for one of my submissions to the "Where the Wild Things Art" show in Grosse Pointe.

Then Peggy came by and she and I went to Grosse Pointe Art Center to drop off our submissions for the above mentioned show. This show wanted the actual work(s) for jurying instead of a cd of jpegs.

My two pieces are at the left, farthest the black frame and the little guy in front of it.

Then Peggy and I went to drop off submission cds at Detroit Artists Market for their Biannual All Media Exhibit. We also took Carla's cd so she didn't have to mail it.

Fingers crossed that we all get out stuffs in!

Then we went to the Lawrence Street Gallery to see a friend of Peggy's show...and then we had a quick lunch and coffee at Tuscan Cafe.

What a good day so far!

Yesterday Leann helped me collect the Cat-Creature and other art from the Northville Art House. I took these photos last night but didn't feel like blogging about it.

I like the "hands up" of the Cat-Creature and the Jeff Hughart painting behind her. I purchased my wonderful painting from Jeff's Etsy shop. I LOVE it!

I was a little worried to see how Twink would react to the Cat-Creature when he was face-to-face with it.

Twink often watched me through the glass in my studio door while I was working on the Cat-Creature.

Twink has been pretty good with the other larger papier mache animals in the house and also with Chime Cat. I was just a little concerned he'd try to climb the Cat-Creature as if it was a piece of cat furniture. I was careful not to place it anywhere near a spot where he could launch himself to or from.

So far he has been pretty unimpressed. Thank goodness.

I think I am going to spend some time with Twink now and slow down a bit.

Later on I will see what is the next upcoming deadline and what I need to get back to work on.

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