Thursday, March 1, 2012

2012/365 - Day 61

tarot to trade

Whoa -- I was so intent on working on my tarot cards for the ATC Exchange group that I might've missed my midnight deadline if I hadn't come in to the printer to see if I had worked out the size correctly.

The cards I am making for the trade are The Hanged Man and The Lovers. They are the cards that I got at random when Leann dealt them out.

These cards are artist trading card sized -- 2.5" x 3.5" but I was having a lot of difficulty working in that actual size with the methods I wanted to use.

I photocopied the back of a Magic: the Gathering card (my "normal" base for all of my atc making) and enlarged it to twice its size. That gave me more to work with...5" x 7". When I was done I cut the border off of another enlarged M:tG card and set it over the artwork. Then I came back in to printer and reduced it by 50% and worked!

For this card I made a free-hand drawing of my interpretation of The Hanged Man and then I cut out each element from paper and collaged it all together.

For The Lovers I did carvings of all of the elements and I will stamp them out onto the enlarged blank and repeat the border and reduction process. I will blog that tomorrow because I won't have time to do it before midnight for this post.

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