Friday, March 16, 2012

2012/365 - Day 76

canvas #6

Tonight I am trying to commit to some images on canvas #6. For sure there is a horse guy and some sort of friend or guide or somebody in robes with him...I'm just still not sure exactly who or what the friend is.

Tentative pencil lines first.

Next I held my breath and outlined lightly with Burnt Umber paint.

I may need to curve his neck more and shape his mane. I like the clothes.

Here is the guy I am not sure about. A rabbit guy comes to mind...but perhaps it can become a cat or dog of some sort.

My collaborators/guides have been uncharacteristically absent for this canvas...and I added some of those paper shapes on my own. I think I will try and add some more...maybe things will become clearer -- or maybe the guides will step in.

Earlier today I changed some of the art in both of my Art-o-mat machines. I will blog what is in the machines tomorrow. Oh -- and I got the thumbs up for my DIY edition of "Penciled In". YAY...I can get started on the series now!

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