Tuesday, March 13, 2012

2012/365 - Day 73

guys emerging on canvas #5

Well, I wasn't finding too much looking at the canvas from this direction. I wasn't sure if I should add some more papers or turn it and look harder.

So I turned it over and starting finding guys right away.

I could see this guy right away, but he is actually right side up if the canvas is turned to the landscape view.

And if you kind of unfocus, you can see that he has a little friend with him, just to the left...he is looking across the first guy.

Back to the vertical position. Cool -- look at this goat guy!

I love his face and nose and mouth and chin and the expression in his eyes.

Have I mentioned that the originator of the canvas and I are both Capricorns?

It is a little hard to see it, but there is a barking or singing dog-like creature here. I can see four of his legs and his tail...he is facing towards the left.

Here is a close up of his face. I don't think he is mean or evil, he just has sharp teeth.

Oh -- and there is a kangaroo/badger (looking downwards) in the background lower corner of the canvas. I like this guy a lot.

These are the creatures that have emerged so far...still in the discovery stages of this one. I wonder how things will turn out?

Oh...and P.S.: My two pieces were not accepted for the Detroit Artists Market "Biannual All Media 2012" show. Oh well. This will remain a long-term goal now...to get something accepted into a juried show at DAM.

On the other hand...it is a halfway good thing. Because now I will have one 3D piece to submit to "West of Center" at Northville Art House. Cool. (BTW -- I'm not holding my breath for this juried show either...this is/was my first long-term goal...getting into a juried show at NAH.)

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