Sunday, March 4, 2012

2012/365 - Day 64

still working on artist trading cards for this month!

This month the theme for the ATC trade is "circles".

Yes, this was my work area this afternoon. What a mess I made!

I had a few ideas for "circles" but I was having a really hard time executing anything.

I knew I wanted to use some of that leftover butcher paper that I colored with alcohol inks and water...

...and I think this is what I will end up with.

I covered the card and cardstock circle with the paper. Then I attached it to the card with an eyelet and then I punched circles/holes into the disc and also through the bottom card.

I might (probably will) do something else to the cards...make a picture or something...but the gist of it is that there is only one way to turn the disc so that it aligns exactly to see the "surprise".

Here is the stack of the cards that I made.

Earlier I tried doing automatic drawings with random circles (that I punched into a piece of cardstock and then traced onto the cards) and scribbles. That didn't really work out so well, except that I did get one I kind of sort of liked.

I went back to it and colored it in so it would be easier to see what I was seeing, which was a sleepy cat face. It was also a way to practice making circles of color with "smeared" edges. I used colored pencils on the cardstock but what I was trying to mimic were the colored dots I sometimes see in fabrics or in pre-printed decorative/scrapbook papers or in water color paintings.

I like the smeared colors circles enough to keep the card for myself.

I drew around the card to complete the silly drawing.

Now I will stick this into an inexpensive frame and put it on the wall in my studio. It is goofy but I like it.

Ruth is planning on coming over tonight to work on her tarot cards for the trade and also her circle artist trading cards. I was going to wait until my circle cards were finished, but I think our card making session may run pretty late because Ruth isn't coming over until after 8 p.m. I wanted to be able to enjoy making stuff with Ruth and not have my deadline to post the blog entry hanging over the session, so I am posting this much of it now.


Bridget McAlonan (Inventing Trees) said...

I would love for my workspace to be as tidy as yours is when messy!
Love the circles theme!

miss_peggy_artist said...

goofy genius I'd say !

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