Saturday, March 31, 2012

2012/365 - Day 91

note to self...never try to make a round-ish head from a box with sharp angles

I don't know...I will give this a few more days of looking at it and working on it, but I may need to choose something else for my big goal. This may require a lot more construction than I can devote to it right now.

Here is the head -- sitting on my wire mesh trash can for stability -- when I started tonight.

Here is how the first layer of plaster cloth changes the look of the guy.

This is the side that bothers me the most. The other side may be a little flat when you look at it but this side is just too rounded. It looks to me more like a pig. Not that there's anything wrong with pigs...I just don't want to make one...I want this to be a bear-like creature...or something similar.

From this angle things look a little better and you can see the new shape of the ear.

Looking straight on to the head it also doesn't look that bad.

The problem is the shape of the base box that is the foundation of his head. It might be too much to try to overcome right now.

The one side is already getting a bit too rounded...not sure about this right now. Okay, I need to keep reminding myself that I had never attempted to build a face before this.

There was that crocodile from waaaaaay back, but that was a whole different way of doing things...nothing like this.

This guy needs a day or two.

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