Monday, March 19, 2012

2012/365 - Day 79 - part two

I swear I am not insane...really

As the studio is getting slightly darker it is easier to "see" things emerging from paper layers on this canvas. I swear to you that in person all of this is really, really easy to see. I outlined the shapes with shaky yellow lines to help you see what I am seeing.

I don't know how many/if any of these guys will be in the final piece...I just needed to document this for now.

This is a bear...I will mention it again later on.
Notice the dark green and dark blue spots (for later).

This is some sort of ram/goat/llama or maybe a cow? But I see it in person as a ram or a goat...maybe llama.

Obviously, another horse. You can probably make it out better on the left...the yellow lines mess it up quite a bit.

Another one of those "wtf is that" guys. Squirrel? Gopher with ears? Tiny bull terrier species type dog?

The green paper looks very much like hills and mountains. The blue showing through looks like sky and clouds.

And yeah...there is some sort of bear like creature running along the hill. Again, it looks better to the left without the yellow lines messing it up. All of those green marks in the hills look like birds flying up when you stand farther back...

...and the green (and blue birds) form the face of the bear from picture number one. And the mountains/hills turn into the top of his head.

I saw my sister this morning and asked her advice about how a horse's mane and forelock go.
I don't know why I can't get these words to go in between these two pictures like the rest of the blog entry...sheesh. Anyway...Sue said that a horse has like a ridge down the back of its neck from the top of its head down to about its shoulders and that is where the mane grows. You lay the hair to one side or the other. And it goes between the horse's ears and then to the very top of its head. What falls over the top of its head onto its forehead is the forelock. She said it better...I am paraphrasing from this morning.

So...this horse is facing the front of the canvas (the viewer) but is looking over its shoulder to talk to the spotted cat creature just behind it.

I taped that pink paper on for now to show Sue -- to see if it worked enough for her to make it out. She said it did, but she didn't understand what was under my horse's neck. I explained it was a vee neck shirt or dress and a tee shirt underneath to give it a crew neck. She smiled and said, " I get it". (Sue is very patient with me...LOL)

This is the spotted cat creature. She is wearing one of those dresses that show off a person's shoulders.

And this is the overall view of the canvas.


Actually I am not all that surprised that so many creatures are trying to come through. This is a very very "busy" painting underneath all of the many lines and colors to cover up. That is why there is so much paper on the canvas with inclusions in it.

Oh -- and I was able to reshape the spotted cat creature and turn it definitely into a more female creature...rather than the one half in shadows/veiled from yesterday...not quite sure if it was a rabbit at one point. But today -- spotted cat creature for sure.

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miss_peggy_artist said...

these are great - #2 I see a dogs face with flapping ears . . .
#3 I see an owl ?

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