Thursday, March 22, 2012

2012/365 - Day 82

not much to see today

Today is a day of "busy" work. Prep, process, progress on several projects. I like to have several projects in progress so that I can go from one thing to another and hopefully avoid any of the work becoming too tedious.

I have at least 300 images to print, cut, sign and sort...these will be little trading cards that will be included in a DIY version of Penciled In for Art-o-mat.

Two friends have given me a TON of great magazines. Today is a day of sorting through the magazines, pulling images and putting them in the general stash. I am also bagging up the magazine guts for recycling as I go along. These will be used for collages, mainly for Animal People for Art-o-mat.

A couple of days ago I found a color of Moda-Dea Wild yarn I have never seen before. I HAD to grab the two skeins that were available. And now that means I will be starting a new edition of Tookies finger puppets for Art-o-mat. Only this time I am not going to do it so feverishly -- I learned my lesson with injuring my hands the last time.

This is a photo of the sorted gloves and fingers and supplies.

The matte medium is looking a lot clearer today on canvas #7. I will be trying to read it later.

Ditto for canvas #8.

There are also a number of plaster cloth guys in very stages in my studio...not to mention all of the plaster cloth ideas that keep poking at me. And just about everything I look at in my house gets the "hey -- I could do that for Art-o-mat" notation in my notebook.

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