Thursday, March 8, 2012

2012/365 - Day 68

great timing!

I got all of those wonderful papers at Hollander's in Ann Arbor yesterday and today the two jugs of Golden Matte Medium arrived!

Twink, table dancing a tribute to UPS and art supplies.

I chose several colors of unryu paper (black with gold threads, sienna, forest, and taupe) and two tamarind leaves sheets (one was labeled white/green, and the other was one I already had -- with no tag).

I grabbed my trusty brush and the end of the jar of matte medium and got to work.

I started out by half-thinking about what I was doing and half-deliberately tearing shapes and placing them on the canvas...going at it from one direction. I liked the colors and I also ripped out a few sentences from Capricorn horoscopes (the originator of the canvas and I are both Capricorns)...but it just wasn't feeling like the last few canvases. This was way more of my conscious participation than ever before. Then -- thankfully -- the guides decided to show up.

I was lead to cover most of the canvas with the taupe unryu paper that I hadn't used yet. It seemed to help pull everything together. You could still see the colors pretty well, but now they weren't so stark and contrived looking.

Then I was called back into the studio and lead to the other slightly heavier papers with inclusions that have made the other canvases feel more "finished" and almost smooth. That made all the difference! I tore these pieces without thinking about what I was doing and let them sort of drift down onto the canvas and brushed on the matte medium where the papers landed.

This is another view of the canvas after the guides were through...and with the overall covering coat of matte medium.

And here is canvas #5 -- very wet -- drying on the wall in the drying spot.

It will be really interesting to see what emerges through the layers of this one!

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