Monday, March 5, 2012

2012/365 - Day 65

shopping in the basement...and then creatures emerge

I went "shopping in the basement" late this morning. I went down to get the large canvas that I was going to repurpose (yes, another one...soon to be referred to as canvas #5).

While I was getting the canvas down I found this frame. I totally forgot about it. I sort of remember it from my other house but I can't imagine what used to be in it.

It already has hardware on it and I think perhaps I bought it at a framing shop from their section of custom frames that were never picked up.

It is really smooth and feels really nice when you touch it.

So I brought it upstairs and hey -- the 2nd repurposed canvas fits into it! It fits flush with the opening and the hardware holds it perfectly!

Not too bad, eh?

That was this morning. Now it is not quite 5:30. I have been looking around for something to do. I kept walking by the 4th repurposed canvas -- the landscape I bought at the sale and covered with papers -- but that I wasn't sure I could see anything in (yet).

I took canvas #4 over to my computer/desk and looked at it for a bit...I kept turning it in different directions and looking into it. Nothing. Then I turned it again and started to maybe see something emerging...

Those look like eyes and eyebrows to me.

And there is another guy...a smart alecky smirky guy with arched eyebrows and a pointy hat.

The face is becoming a bit clearer -- looks like a fox-ish creature -- maybe.

Maybe a fox-ish creature with a hat that goes off of the canvas listening to something his smart ass friend is saying.

Then it hit me -- that canvas is the same size as canvas #2.

Huh. Maybe this is what I was sent to the basement for today?

The gold on the frame looks pretty nice (to me) with the colors of the papers.

This could work out...this canvas also fits in flush and works perfectly with the hardware.

AND two other really great things happened today...well, three cuz Sue and Abby came over, too.

But #1 was that I messaged the person who originally worked on canvas #5 and got the "okay" to go ahead with this new repurposing.

And #2 is ta-daaaaaaaah! My income tax refund arrived!!! Short shopping list purchases and restock the Art-o-mat machines, then stash the rest.

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