Wednesday, March 14, 2012

2012/365 - Day 74

printing with and carving (new to me) materials, plus trading ATCs

Tonight at the ATC Exchange group Leann showed us a couple of methods of printing.

I knew about carving, but I had never carved an eraser like this or used this type of vinyl. Both were smoooooooth like buttah!

She also showed us about making impressions in a foam material that is similar to what packaged meat at the grocery store comes on...but thinner. It was way cool and held the impressions I made with a stylus remarkably well.

Very fun meeting.

These are the marvelous artist trading cards I got in exchange for the ones I made. The theme this month was "circles".

Most of us have traded our tarot themed cards but I will wait until next month for the last couple to show my complete set. They are great so far!

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